The IP501H provides wide-area communication using an LTE (4G) and 3G network and instantaneous communication. Individual calls, Group calls, or All calls can be made the same way as a conventional two-way radio. The IP501H does not require its own repeaters or IP network, which reduces the costs of building and maintaining a wide area radio network.

Communicate Effectively

The IP501H enables the use of full-duplex communication providing smooth telephone-style conversations. The IP501H users can talk and receive at the same time. Multiple users in the system can initiate calls respectively. There are no requirements to check or wait for channel availability.



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Priority Interrupt Calling The IP501H supports group calls with three or more people. In case of an emergency, you can break into an ongoing call to transmit an important message. Turn a Handheld Into a Mobile Add the optional Bluetooth® charger kit to your vehicle to make calls with the speaker microphone, while charging the IP501H. Even when the IP501H is not dropped into the BC-218, the Bluetooth® function enables you to wirelessly use the speaker-microphone Items needed for the car charger kit: BC-218 charger cradle with Bluetooth® CP-23L cigarette lighter cable MBA-7 mounting bracket MBF-1 mounting base HM-215 speaker microphone for the BC-218 Other Features High quality, clear audio using G.726 Vocoder Individual, Group, Talkgroup, Multiplex Talkgroup and All calls Emergency button, Lone Worker and Man Down functions Vibration alert function notifies of incoming call Text message reception and preprogrammed message transmission Up to 500 memory address book (including Group, Individual, Talkgroup and Telephone lists) Voice message recording
Networks: 3G and 4G Bluetooth: Built-in Output Power: Internal SP: 400mW External SP: 200mW Waterproof Rating: IP67
Sorry, there is no information available please contact us for more information!
Sorry, there is no information available please contact us for more information!

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